China Coatings 2018

Green Products, Rebranding and Quality Upgrading

Hall E4, Shanghai New International Expo Center

  • China Coatings 2018
    19th China International Coatings Exhibition

    Sponsored by China National Coatings Industry Association (CNCIA) and undertaken by Beijing Tubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Coatings 2018 (China Coatings 2018 for short) is a major exposition in the coatings industry worldwide and also a grand coating event in China and the Asia-Pacific region. It has been recognized as an important platform for brand promotion, product display, information exchange and business development in the coating circles, and a super event actively participated in by the enterprises in coatings industry and the related industry chain. Since 1995, it has been held by CNCIA biennially, covering the whole coating field and relevant industries.

    Themed on “green products, rebranding and quality upgrading” and oriented toward “specialization, internationalization, marketization and branding”, China Coatings 2018 aims to promote the innovation in technology, service and environmental protection of the coatings industry for the upstream and downstream industries, accurately judge the real needs and trends of the coatings industry and its upstream and downstream industries, achieve the integration of industrialization and informatization and build a platform for exchanges among the upstream and downstream enterprises of coatings, an important arena for building brand and image and showing products and information.

    China Coatings 2015 & 18th China International Coatings Exhibition attracted 155 domestic and foreign enterprises dealing in coatings, raw materials and equipment, with 20,000 square meters of exhibition area and 41,279 visitors. There were 17,968 professional visitors from 31 countries and regions, including 466 from abroad, accounting for 2.59% of the total. The event received visitors from 31 countries and regions as well as over 30 domestic visiting groups. The number of visitors from Germany, the United States, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Iran, India, Russia, Egypt, Australia, Mexico, Iraq, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Mongolia, Nepal, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Belgium, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Guyana and Latvia hit another record high.

    In 2018, “Beautiful China, Coatings Industry in Action” series of activities will be organized by CNCIA, and CCTV-2 will give special coverage in combination with China Coatings 2018.

    During the “Beautiful China, Coatings Industry in Action” series of activities, CNCIA will, referring to the economic data issued by the National Bureau of Statistics, assess the famous brands of Chinese coatings in 2018 in the light of relevant assessment rules at China Coatings 2018 & 19th China International Coatings Exhibition. After the event, certificates and bronze medals for famous Chinese coating brands of China Coatings 2018 will be awarded to show encouragement.

    China Coatings 2018 & 19th China International Coatings Exhibition will continue to serve the industry and create greater success in Shanghai!



China Coatings Show
The First Day

Preparation time: July 2-3, 2018

Display time: July 4-6, 2018

Opening time: 9:00 July 4, 2018

Opening Ceremony of China Coatings 2018



China Coatings Show
The second Day

Finished Products Exhibition of Chinese Coatings, China Coatings 2018

Raw and Auxiliary Materials Exhibition of Chinese Coatings, China Coatings 2018

Chinese Coating Equipment Exhibition, China Coatings 2018



China Coatings Show
The End Day

Closing time: 14:00 July 6, 2018

China Coatings 2018 Scope of Exhibits


Coatings, coating resin, pigments, printing ink, adhesives and related raw materials, assistants and solvents, etc.
  • Natural and synthetic resins and intermediates;
  • Pigments, fillers, stuffing and dyes;
  • Solvents and plasticizers;
  • Functional assistants;
  • Functional materials;
  • Functional coatings and inks;
  • Nanophase materials.

* Including : thickener, surfactant, pigment dispersant, emulsifier, crosslinking agent, defoamer, foam depressant, anti-skinning agent, flatting agent, bactericide, drier, stabilizer and diluent and so on.

Production / packaging equipment and devices
  • Production facilities and devices;
  • Blenders /mixers and high-speed dispersers;
  • Loading, unloading and packaging;
  • Distributing, charging and mixing/color matching system;
  • Automated production lines and equipment;
  • Filters, pumps, meters / weighing devices;
  • Grinders and accessories;
  • Packaging and labeling machines;
  • Filling equipment;
  • Spraying equipment;
  • Coating equipment.
Quality inspection and R&D instruments
  • Color and other visual features;
  • Measurement and testing;
  • Dry film and mechanical properties (including durability);
  • Chemical properties;
  • Coating characteristics (viscosity, rheology, wettability, etc.);
  • Surface analysis;
  • Lab consumables;
  • Analytic instruments.
Safety, health, environment and other services
  • Corporate culture;
  • Wastewater / waste material / waste gas treatment;
  • Packaging and reduction of waste water / waste materials / waste gas;
  • Environmental protection and safety devices;
  • Technical information;
  • Recovery/recycling;
  • Sanitary and easily cleaned surface;
  • Environmental protection technology;
  • Consulting service.
Various Coatings
  • Waterborne coatings, solventless coatings, high-solid coatings, powder coatings, environmental protection industrial coatings, special coatings, high-performance coatings, rare coatings and environmentally friendly coatings:
    Waterborne building coatings (including interior and exterior wall coatings, waterproof coatings, fire-retardant coatings and floor coatings, etc.), environmentally friendly wood coatings, rail and road traffic coatings, coiled material coatings, automobile coatings, ship/marine coatings, container coatings, engineering machinery coatings, anticorrosive coatings, high-speed rail and bridge coatings, coatings for wind power/nuclear power/solar devices, light industrial coatings, plastic coatings, metal coatings, photocureable coatings, powder coatings, special functional coatings and relevant environmentally friendly coatings.

Hall E4, Shanghai New International Expo Center

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