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 CCS Background & Overview
      As one of a professional international coatings show, China International Coatings Expo (Now it is changed to China Coatings Show (CCS)) focus on showing paint-finishing, coatings materials, coatings equipment and spraying coating industry's newest product and technology. It mainly faces with coatings downstream industry, such as architecture, decoration, furniture, appliance, automobile, traffic, light industry and so on. Meanwhile, it provides downstream users with the most fashion coatings, the most suitable value-added function, and the most professional coatings value-added solution. Meanwhile, it provides coatings companies with the newest environmental friendly technology and new materials and equipment.
     CCS2012 (CICE2012) has been hold in Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre on June 20-22, 2012. The Exhibition area is 26,000 Square meters.The number of exhibitors is 214, and nearly half of exhibitors are coatings companies. Most of famous coatings companies in industry were on the show. The number of professional visitors is 16,912, it is rapidly increased by 58% and half of them were paint-finishing downstream users. The other big success is the number of pre-register visitors get 9,120, 10 times than the last year.
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Organizer: China National Coatings Industry Association
Co-organizer: Beijing TUBO International Exhibition Co., LTD

Show Time: 30 June - 2 July. 2015
Location: Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre Hall E4
Size: 20000m2
Move in Time: 28-29. June. 2015
Show Time:30 June - 1 July. 2015 9:00
Move out Time: 2. July. 2015 14:00
5 Sub-Exhibition, 1 comprehensive display area

  1. CCS2015 China Architectural Coatings Exhibition
  2. CCS2015 China Wood Coatings Exhibition
  3. CCS2015 China Anti-corrosive Coatings Exhibition
  4. CCS2015 China Spraying Coatings Technology Exhibition
  5. CCS2015 China Raw Material & Equipment Exhibition
Comprehensive Display Area
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CCS 2015 Synchronous Events
1. CCS2015 China Architectural Energy-saving Coatings Application Technology Innovation Forum
2. CCS2015 China Anti-corrosive Coatings and Spraying Coating Technology Application Technology Innovation Forum
3. CCS2015 China Coating Technology (New Materials & New Technology) Innovation Application Forum
4. CCS2015 National Report CCS2015 China Color Summit

5. 2015 China Water-based Wood Coatings Spraying Competition
6. 2015 Water-based Wood Coatings Furniture Spraying Technology Demonstration
7. 2015 Water-based High-solid Coatings Spraying Experience Activities

8. “Water-based Home Decoration, Environmental-friendly Healthy” Paint Choice Speech and Spraying Coatings Experience
CCS 2015 Exhibitor's Profile

Architectural Coatings/Waterproofing Coatings/Fireproofing Coatings/Floor Coatings/Wood Coatings/Traffic and Road Coatings/Coil Coatings/Automotive Coatings/Anti-corrosive Coatings/ High-speed Railway and Bridge Coatings/Wind and Electrify Coatings/ Light Industry Coatings/Plastic Coatings/ Metal Coatings /Powder Coatings/Light-cured Coatings /Other Special & Environmental Friendly Coatings
Coatings Raw Materials
Resin/ Pigments / Fillers / Solvent/ Additives
Testing &Measuring Equipment
Matching System/Mixer/Blender/Continuous Mixer/Intermittent Mixer/Laboratory Mixer/
High-speed Dispersant/Reactor
Spraying Coatings Equipment & Technology
Mechanical Surface Treatment Technology & Equipment/Chemical Surface Treatment (Phosphide, Passivation and o on)/Spraying Coatings Equipment and Ancillary Products
Environmental Protection, Safety at Work and Services
Engineering and Technical Adviser Service/Container Washing Equipment/Environmental
and Safety Equipment/Wastewater Treatment Equipment/ Solvent Recycling/ Publication &Media/ E-Commerce

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Telephone : 86-10-67600791


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Telephone :86-10-64827048


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